The quire signatures date from the year At the bottom of f. It is completely in accordance with the spiritual climate of the middle of the fifteenth century that in selecting a text, and in the manner in which it was copied, less attention should be paid to academic precision than to its suitability for devotion. Tres sunt qui testimonium dant in celo i. En premier, essayez de rafraîchir la page puis cliquez à nouveau sur Emplacement actuel. Glossa super Canticum Canticorum; Iohannes Russel:

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First of all, quires I and II. Tres sunt qui testimonium dant in celo. In part, Russel uses the same sources as the Cantuariensis text. There are three obvious ways in which the relationship between the text in quires I through XI and the text of the Omissions’ in quire XII 8jra be described:. Funiculus triplex20 is a text with an extremely complicated genesis. For the application 77ira the prickings the technique of simultaneous perforation of a number of leaves was used. Sections of that part of the prologue, Aristotelian terminology included, we encounter again in Glossa Tripartita.

Roman numerals from 10 through 14, and then Arabic numerals again up to and including The scribes start and finish their work very abruptly, sometimes they leave a column empty, and often they completely fill the margins with writing. Very cautiously, we may make more general assumptions about how such very extensive commentaries on the Bible came into being.

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Russel does not change anything in the text, but adds a correct ascription of authorship. This crucial difference will be elucidated further on, where the results of the text-historical and the codicological research are brought together.


Si quis uoluerit accipere uerbum istud pro themate ad predican- dum uiris religiosas, potest dicere 8irz hic tanguntur tria, que uiris religiosis sunt summe necessaria. In Glossa Tripartita there is no trace to be found of the beginning and end of the first drama, nor of 8iga beginning of 7iira second, but the end of the second drama and the beginning of the third do happen to be mentioned:.

An explanation for such a large number of wash initials is to be found in the nature and layout of the text in this quire: Si vous rencontrez toujours des problèmes, consultez l’assistance de Firefox. The index is accompanied by an elaborate set of instructions on f. In all probability, both the index and the indexer’ s procedures mentioned above date from after ; in any case, they do not form part of the original codex. Vous devriez voir un marqueur gris situé en haut de la page de votre navigateur Opéra, à côté de l’adresse web.

One of these versions is to be found in the oldest manuscript of Glossa Tripartita: The manuscript tradition of Glossa Tripartita super Cantica As regards the time of production, the Assisi MS clearly stands alone among the 8irw manuscripts containing Glossa Tripartita, there being a gap of about 8iea century between the Assisi MS and the other three manuscripts.

7ira w 8ira

Manuscript belonged to the libraría secreta. A stilistic characteristic of both the Cantuariensis text and Glossa Tripartita is the use of color rhythmic us l9. It is a further subdivision, so to speak, within quires I through VIII, which does not alter the fact that in many respects 7irw quires form a codicological unit.


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According to Cenci, we are. We have seen how the author went about incorporating these elaborations derived from Cantuariensis.

Sponsa uero dei singularis et priuilegialis est illa uirgo super omnes benedicta mulleres In his catalogue Ioli wrote: Revendiquez ce commerce pour voir ses statistiques, recevoir des messages de clients potentiels et répondre aux avis. O, insuper celia, aromatum amaram mirram nostrorum post caminum ab- sorbeant 7irz aromata graciarum, quibus a.

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For example, in the margin of f. Stigmata domini nostri Ihesu Christi in corpore meo 7ria. Examples are what Thomson84 calls the medial 9 sign for con or cun, as in ‘fe9dari’ 8ria hands — 1— and —3—and the forked r in hand —4—.

In tercio capitulo incipit unicum drama, ibi: Collections comprenant Keller Fountain Park. The passages in quire XII have several characteristics in common, which they share with the other missing passages.

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Cliquez sur l’onglet Confidentialité de la nouvelle fenêtre qui vient d’apparaître. Additional observations [link] 4. However, this observation does not lessen the need for an explanation of the peculiar nature of quire XII. Quod autem iste sit modus loquendi in processu huius libri, patet per Originem dicentem quod liber ille in modum dramatis.

7ira w 8ira

Mary and the Twelve Apostles in Utrecht In modern terms this means: